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The Blue Peter Book Awards have been recognising and celebrating the most creative illustrators and the greatest reads for children since 2002. The final winners will be chosen by more than 300 school children across the country from 12 different schools.

Audley Primary School, a proud member of drb Ignite Multi Academy Trust, has been chosen as one of those 12 schools.

In spring 2022, the winning authors and illustrators will appear on a special awards episode of the show. We were pleased to have Cherry, Assistant Producer of Blue Peter alongside her team to interview and record pupils who were part of the national judging panel.

Here are a few pictures from today alongside snippets of what our amazing pupils thought about the shortlisted books:

24 Hours in the Stone Age

“I enjoyed the book because it was easy to follow and was written really nicely”

“I really like this book because you’re learning things from ancient times and learning new things”

Good News

“I like this book because it tells me teamwork makes the dream work”

“One of the stories I found inspiring was about Captain Tom Moore – because he did 100 laps for charity”

Invented by Animals

“This book taught me to stay positive and not to give up – to try, try and try again!”

“I found this book inspiring because it showed me that everything we do can make a difference in the world we live in”

Danny Chung does not do maths

“I liked Danny Chung because he relates to me as I too prefer art over maths!  But it also highlights you can learn maths in a positive way.”

“This book was a great read and really like how the personality of Danny really connects with the audience – I would really recommend this book”

The boy who made everyone laugh

“The book highlighted that you should never give up and you should always show perseverance”

“This book really made me laugh! It also gave a key message which encourages you to accept everyone for who they are, no matter what.”

The Last Bear

“April was kind – It shows that everyone can make a difference”

“I was really sad to read that it was the last bear on the planet. I suggest keeping an eye on wildlife as you may lose them someday.”

Cherry passed on her thanks to all those involved and mentioned,

“Audley Primary School was very welcoming and friendly; Pupils were super-intelligent and clearly enjoyed reading the shortlisted books. They all have the spirit of Blue Peter!”

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